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Benefit From Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Law

The Law Office of Douglas R. Gorius PA is committed to providing legal assistance to clients who are facing bankruptcy related to Chapter 13. You can count on us to help you get through this difficult time. Our attorney has considerable experience in handling legal issues related to Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Previously, he worked as a staff attorney for a Chapter 13 trustee.

Chapter 13 helps develop a repayment plan to reduce or eliminate debt so you can:

  • Keep your house
  • Keep your car
  • Get caught up with payments
  • Gain affordable payments

Our Chapter 13 Services

  • Assisting clients who are behind on the mortgage
  • Helping out with debt renegotiation for better terms
  • Helping clients get access to payment plans that permit continued ownership of house, car, etc.
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Need to file Chapter 13?

When filing a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Maryland, you will receive the benefit of an automatic stay. The automatic stay will freeze your creditors and provide you the help you need to organize your creditors. This is a very powerful tool and can even be used with your car lenders and mortgage lenders. By Filing the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Maryland, you will get this powerful automatic stay and be given a chance to get back on your feet.

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